The Power of Listening

by Hilary Bowring

Offer your true self to the communication by listening.
Communication is lost when there is no sharing; often both parties want to convince the other of their position and focus only on communicating their own perspective. When we listen we open to forming a relationship of understanding. We have to drop our old patterns with this person for the situation to expand for mutual good.

Make a conscious choice to be your real self when you are with another. Before you meet, ground yourself, and breathe deeply from your naval., Then, at the meeting, be more prepared to listen than to speak. Be fully present, focus on your heart and send love and compassion silently. This changes the energy and dissolves negativity.

Allow the other person time to speak, and even if what is said disrupts you, keep on breathing and remaining silent. (Occasionally, the other person may rant. Don’t engage, as there is no logical exchange possible. Just sit in silence.)

If something is said that stirs your negative emotions, keep breathing and listening. This allows you time to respond as opposed to react. Frequently, the wave of emotion takes a while to diminish. Wait for this intensity to pass before you meet and communicate again.

Sometimes an immediate response may not be possible, and you can say “I need time to think about what you’ve said” or “I don’t know what to say just now”. Give yourself more space to contemplate….

Always remember, this is someone you love or have loved. Consider that we are all part of the same One, and these people, the most intimate in our lives, are part of our soul journey for expanding our understanding of life. We are strengthened by unpleasant situations; the secret is being able to see the gift hidden in any adversity. Contemplate what this difficult circumstance is teaching you about yourself. No blame. Look for the insight and growth this is giving your character. Look within, not outside. Why are you reacting to this? Usually it is our ego acting, not our true self.

Many blessings for open loving communications in all your relationships.

Hilary Bowring
Teacher of Consciousness
Meditation-Spiritual Counselling- Energy Clearing- Past life Insights
Spiritual Counselling is based on Eastern Philosophy. Illuminate the "karmic themes” underlying life issues and how our close relationships & challenges are our greatest teachers. We’ve known each other before in many lifetimes; agreed to play roles supporting our mutual evolution. The counseling opens your heart to actively give compassion and love, and to using your wisdom and intuition. When we honour and support others, grace supports our efforts.
Divine Align Align with the Divine in You.

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