These writings are inspired by the incredible power of communication and the central role it plays in all things good and all things not so good.

For all of its power and importance in our lives, effective communication seems to elude most people most of the time. By effective communication I mean communication that leaves the communicating parties moved, touched and inspired. I do not mean clear communication. Clear communication is easily and often accomplished by most everyone however clear communication is only effective IF the listener is able to “get” the real intention of the message rather than reacting to the way in which it is communicated.

The collection of writings on the following pages come from a diverse group of wise individuals who I have come to know and respect for their talents and their dedication to humanity. I invited each to share their wisdom and experience in the area of communication so as to inspire readers to consider new possibilities to enrich their lives and the lives of people around them.

Read these contributions not as end-games but rather as invitations to explore further ways that you can dramatically and fundamentally transform your communication ability. Let this be a starting point in your exploration. Please share your journey and your learnings with us here. The sky is the limit!

Several individuals have generously contributed to this work and they should be acknowledged: Howard Hurwitz for his clever suggestions and leadership skills as the project co-leader, Gabrielle Lasporte for her fabulous design work, Warren Morris for his editing suggestions, The Printing House for facilitating the printing of this book, Dr. Carey Stevens and Caroline Davidson for their insightful inspiration, and last but not least, all of our contributors who donated their time for your learning and transformation.

Love and light,
Nathalie Boutet

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